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Godless Mom about #NormalizeAtheism

"On Twitter, recently, a new hashtag has been making the rounds. #NormalizeAtheism is the brain baby of atheist activist Mark Nebo, who is otherwise known for his founding of Be Secular and co-hosting the Ra-Men podcast. The goal of the hashtag is, as it sounds, to build awareness for atheism, make evident our numbers and encourage more people to come out as a nonbeliever." READ THE REST OF GODLESS MOM'S POST HERE!

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From The Daily Banter - #NormalizeAtheism

"Last month, several organizations teamed up to start Openly Secular -- a campaign meant to increase acceptance of secularists and freethinkers in society. One of those groups is the Richard Dawkins Foundation, and on Thursday, Dawkins took to twitter to give a boost to a simple if not ambitious hashtag started by Mark Nebo:"

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